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2009 Vest Family Reunion - July 23rd through July 28, 2009

Fiesta Days is such a perfect time to hold our annual Vest Family Reunion.

We watched the parade from our usual sight on Main and 4th North and then in the afternoon went to the pavillion above the reservoir for the annual Binks Family Picnic. It was a yummy pot luck dinner with everyone bringing KFC and a potluck item. It was fun riding in the canoe and playing in the sand for the kids and of course just visiting.
It was so fun to have Tammy, Richard and Katie here from Ohio to help us celebrate.
"Singin in the Rain" was the city production this summer.
Michael Carrasco was the lead and it was so fun. The kids (even Cooper) had a great time. The funnest part was when they kicked real water on the first couple of rows. Cooper, Brynn, Abby and Delaney were covered with bright yellow raincoats to protect them from getting wet. They were trying harder to get wet.
The next morning we all headed down to our spot for the Fiesta Days parade and then after had a picnic at the pavillion and canoe rides for the kids.

Wade was the guide . Look at that strength!!!
The canoe was really fun for the kids to ride in at the reservoir.

The 24th of July would not be the same without the "Fiesta Days Rodeo"
Friday evening we went to the Fiesta Days Rodeo with the whole family. It was so funny to see how the kids reacted to the excitement especially Kaden, Aaron and Boston. Boston is so animated it still makes me laugh to think of it and when they are together it is so funny. They all love animals and it was hilarious to see their reactions as the events took place. After the rodeo we went home to watch the fireworks and light up our sparklers. It was a full day.
Stephen and Kaden
Boston kept Aaron totally occupied
There were a few scary moments.
They animated every move the animals made.
It was a little chilly for the girls. Cute still.

Saturday morning we all woke up early and left for Grandpa Vest's Service Project. We had decided to clean up the backyard which included taking down the grape vines and digging up the lake rocks that were buried with deep grass roots all around them. The kids were amazing. I've never seen anyone work as hard as McKenzie to complete a task. She went full steam ahead until we were finished 5 hours later. Everyone had an important job to do from hauling literally tons of rocks away to mowing the lawn, to hauling loads to the dump, to trimming down shrubs. It was such a fun project to complete together. The pictures tell the rest of the story.

Beginning to clean up Grandpa's yard
Everyone worked so hard from start to finish!

We were dressed for the occasion.
The kids did a great job of pulling all of the weeds in Grandma and Grandpa's flowerbed.

At this years reunion we decided to organize in a little different way that Billy and I felt was a huge success. We wanted to incorporate into our little reunion the ideas of fun, family, love and service. So... after much deliberating we decided that cleaning up Grandpa Vest's yard would be a great service project to work on together. Over the past 5 or 6 years Grandpa and Fred built a gazebo in the back yard. It worked for Grandpa to keep him busy when he was alive but soon became a risk and a hazard for the children in the neighborhood. So with gloves and shovels in hand we began our service project at Grandpa Vest's. The pictures tell the story. What great kids and grandkids we have. They ALL worked so hard all morning long to clear away all of the tons of rocks imbedded in the grass and within hours a miraculous project was coming to an end. We are the Vest's with the BEST kids and grandkids in the world.

This is the after picture, but it just doesn't do it justice. However, you can tell how much walking and carrying we did as you look how smooshed down the grass is.

After finish the project we quickly went back home and loaded up our van and headed to Park City to jump in the pool and for the guys to golf together at the Park City course. Every spare moment was filled with FAMILY FUN!!!

Refreshing dunk in the pool!
Annette brough all of the equipment for making bracelets and necklaces. Creativity!!!
Brynn, Delaney, McKenzie, Jenn (our creator) and Arden making placemats.
Chad and Billy giving Sunday lesson to the adults

One interesting note,
Jenn gave a beautiful primary lesson about putting on the armor of God
Brynn and Abby looking at a friendly critter (squirrel) nibbling nearby.
Emily helped the little girls make their placemats.
Manicures and pedicures. Girl fun!

Even a friendly little tennis match!
Kickball game!
Riding the gondola, over and over again!
FUN taking in the beauties of the outdoors!
Searching for our prophets!

After leaving Park City we traveled to SLC for some lunch and to have a fun little


We had a map of the cemetary that included the addresses for all of the prophets including Gordon B. Hinckley, David O. McKay, Spencer W. Kimball and many more. It also included many of the apostles who have served in the church. It was so fun when we would say '"Okay, over on that block in the left corner look for the name "Lee"' (Harold B.)
The kids would run as fast as they could and the first one to find the marker would be the winner. Then the adults would share stories they remembered about their personal lives to bring them back to life for the kids. It was really interesting even for the adults. When Wade went back to work in St. George he was telling his boss what we did and his boss replied "You did what? Most grandparents take their grandchildren to Lagoon or Disneyland and you went to the Salt Lake Cemetary?" Believe it or not it was a highlight of our trip.

The grandkids at Howard W. Hunters grave. Annette told us a great personal story about how President Hunter took care of his ailing wife and when she passed away he remarried "Inez" and she took care of him until he passed away. She was known to be a cute little lade that wore cute little hats to match her clothing. One was buried on one side and one on the other.
Joe and Amy with Abby, Isaac and Aaron at the top of Ensign Peak. Beautiful little hike.
It was a hot, hot afternoon. Abby walked most of the way then Amy gave her a ride the rest. What a trooper Amy!


Where will our reunion be for next year? Any suggestions? Love to hear them!!!

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